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Bridging Customers and Businesses Through Savings

Helping Customers Save Money and Businesses Thrive, Since 2009

Since 2009, idealy AB has been a trusted provider of discounts, deals, and offers to customers in Sweden, the UK, and Ireland. Our mission is simple: to help customers save money and to assist businesses in gaining more customers.

What We Do

At idealy, our network of websites serves as a platform where customers can effortlessly find and use discount codes to save on their online purchases. For businesses, we offer an invaluable promotional tool, allowing them to reach a broader audience by listing their discount codes on our sites.

Our History

idealy AB began its journey in 2009 with the launch of our first site in Sweden. Since then, we've expanded our services to the UK and Ireland, broadening our reach and helping more customers save money.

Our Team

Our team, boasting over 20 years of combined experience, consists of seasoned professionals in digital marketing, e-commerce, and customer service. We are dedicated to making online shopping more affordable for customers and helping businesses grow through effective promotional strategies.

Our Location

We are proudly based in Växjö, southern Sweden, one of the country's largest tech hubs. This strategic location allows us to stay at the forefront of technological advancements and provide top-notch services to our customers and business partners.


Brands of idealy


Launched in 2009, erbjudanden365.se is our pioneering discount website, dedicated to serving the Swedish market. Featuring discount codes from over 300 active stores, our platform helps Swedish customers save money on their online purchases. We strive to support businesses by providing them with an effective promotional tool to reach and engage new customers.


Launched in 2012, Rabattkoll.se is our second discount website, catering to the Swedish market. With a unique focus on organizing offers into categories, Rabattkoll.se makes it easier for customers to find and utilize discount codes. Featuring over 250 active stores, our platform is designed to help Swedish customers save money on their online purchases while providing businesses with a valuable promotional tool to attract new customers.


Launched in late 2023, DiscountCode365.co.uk is our first brand expansion outside of Sweden, targeting the U.K. and Ireland markets. We offer a comprehensive platform featuring discount codes from over 230 active stores and growing. Our mission is to help U.K. and Irish customers save money on their online purchases while providing businesses with an effective promotional tool to reach new customers.


Launched in 2019, AnnonseringOnline assists website owners and influencers in Sweden in discovering and joining affiliate programs and networks. Our platform features 8 affiliate networks and over 1,300 affiliate programs, making it a comprehensive resource for those looking to monetize their online presence effectively. We aim to bridge the gap between content creators and affiliate opportunities, supporting growth and revenue generation in the Swedish digital landscape.


Launched in 2020, MagKing.se specializes in listing subscription offers for magazines, both with and without premiums. Since 2022, we've expanded our offerings to include deals on popular streaming services like Disney+ and BookBeat. Serving the Swedish market, MagKing.se is your go-to platform for finding the best subscription deals, helping you enjoy your favorite magazines and streaming services at a great value.


Launched in 2021, LånFakta.se is dedicated to helping people in Sweden find and compare loans online. Our platform provides comprehensive information and comparison tools to assist users in making informed financial decisions, ensuring they find the best loan options available in the market.


Launched in 2007, itMag.se is a premier IT news website dedicated to delivering concise and selected IT-related news to the Swedish market. Our focus on providing short, easily digestible versions of the latest developments in the IT industry ensures that our readers stay informed and up-to-date with minimal time investment.


EmiliaMonti.se is a vibrant blog by Emilia, a Sweden-based blogger with Italian roots. Emilia shares her passion for Italian food, home decor, travel, beauty, and fashion, providing a unique blend of content that resonates with her Swedish audience. Join Emilia as she explores the beauty of Italian culture and lifestyle, offering inspiration and tips for living a stylish and flavorful life.

More to come...

Stay tuned for more exciting brands as we continue to expand our reach in both existing and new markets. We're committed to bringing you even more opportunities to save money and discover great deals. Our upcoming launches will further enhance our offerings, providing you with access to a broader range of discount codes and promotional tools. Keep an eye out for the latest updates and be ready to explore new ways to make your online shopping experience even better.


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